As a Wellness Advocate I offer consultations, classes and ongoing education resources and a healing community.

Complimentary 30 minute Wellness Consultation: We focus on your wellness goals & empower you with resources for reaching these goals with natural solutions to your health.  There is an option to purchase dōTERRA essential oils & supplements.

My Public Wellness Classes at Mill Valley Community Center & The Wisdom of the Heart in Berkeley.

Wellness Classes for Groups - 2-3 hours $250 (10 people) $30 each additional person.


"like" flowinmassage on Facebook to stay informed of all upcoming events & tickets or find events on Eventbrite.  Learn more about essential oils and purchasing the highest grade oils, supplements & diffusers.

If you cannot make an in person class, I have a class video for you to enjoy.


A dōTERRA Wellness Advocate, I am excited to share how they can help reach your wellness goals holistically. 


Wellness Class Offerings:

Essential Oils 101: Natural Health Solutions Lifestyle Education empowerment 

Essential Oils, Supplements & Acupressure for Emotional Well-being

Massage and self-care techniques for relaxation, mindfulness and releasing body aches.  Create self care rituals for grounding and letting go of stress with Acupressure, simple massage tools & essential oils.

Essential Oils & Supplements for Gut and Chakra Clearing.  Restore and Energize.  Blends for Motivation and Manifestation.

Yoga & Essential Oils for Stress Reduction & Improved Sleep

Yoga & Essential Oils for Athletes for Performance, Pain & Recovery

Essential Oils to fostering Creativity, Connection and Playfulness.  Essential Oils for the Motivation, Focus & the Creative Spark.

Holiday Make & Take Class with focus on Immunity & Energetic Protection

Essential Oils for Spring: Manifest your dreams with clarity of mind, body and spirit.

Essential Oils for Summer Heat, Romance & Nature Adventures

Essential Oils are 50-70 times more concentrated than herbs and a powerful healing source.  Essential oils can help your family with occasional issues like relaxation, pain, elevated mood, increased energy, skin health (rash, dermatitis, healing scars, fine lines), headaches, immune system support, nausea oral health and digestive issues. 

dōTerra essential oils are potent and pure and have been harvested where each plant grows natively. Being (third party) tested for purity, DōTerra Essential Oils are Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils.

Discover some of the many exciting uses of essential oils topically, aromatically and internally and how to integrate them into your daily life.

Please feel free to call, text or email me for more information.