Western  Massage Modalities

Swedish is the traditional Western relaxation massage.  Massage oil or lotion is used with a variety of strokes to warm up the muscles, create a deep relaxation and release tension by gradually breaking up the muscle adhesions ("knots").

Sports massage is an extension of Swedish massage and was originally developed to help athletes prepare for optimal performance, training, pre-event and recovery after an event.  It focuses on physically active people - whether physical demands come from sports, the workplace, or recreational activities - to promote greater ease and range of movement, prevent injury, speed recovery, and minimize the effects of overuse. Techniques are drawn from Swedish, trigger point therapy, active muscle relaxation techniques, stretching methods, cross fiber friction and deep tissue massage.  

Deep Tissue massage is an extension of Swedish massage which works with tissue in various depths to relax, lengthen, and release holding patterns in the most effective way within the client's parameters of comfort. This often includes facilitated lengthening or shortening and pin and stretch techniques.   Myofacial Tissue surrounds and runs through muscles of the body and if adhesions are present they can limit mobility.  With sensitivity and patience  I achieve the best results. 

Typically Deep Tissue and Sports massage calls for more communication to find just the right pressure and angle to release tension and holding patterns.  Less lotion is used than Swedish so that a better manipulation of the underlying tissue is possible. 


Eastern Massage Modalities

Eastern Massage promotes relaxation, regulates the flow of energy throughout the body and can treat common ailments. 

Shiatsu and Acupressure integrate Traditional Chinese Medicine's Yin Yang and 5 Element Theories to assess and restore whole body wellness.

Shiatsu - an ancient Japanese healing art based on the concepts of Chinese medicine that incorporates joint mobilization and a variety of medium to deep compression techniques and rhythmic movements.  The use of various body tools creates a relaxing and restorative massage.  Shiatsu stimulates physical structure of the body such as the muscular, circulatory, lymphatic, and nervous systems.  It's primary purpose is to balance the flow of vital energy (life force) in the body via the meridians (main energy pathways).

Acupressure - an ancient system of healing from China.  It is a system that addresses the Qi (life-energy) of the body using specific points along the meridians to open and maintain the flow of energy.  It encourages physical, emotional and mental balance.  It can be used to alleviate common symptoms and promote overall balance and health.  

The Acupressure session begins with checking the pulses and feeling the Bei shu points (which run along the back) to assess which meridians are depleted or are in a state of excess.  The Acupressure technique involves holding base points with one hand while the other hand is performing meridian flows thus bringing a healthy balance to the body's energy.

Eastern modalities are performed over clothes on so please wear comfortable (stretchy) clothes.