I am following this path to help create harmony and wellness for others.

I am grateful for your inspiring words.  

"I've had a few massages from Elizabeth and each one is amazing! I walk in stressed and feeling tight and sore and I always leave feeling like to just took a week long beach vacation! She listens to all my complaints and really focuses on exactly what's wrong. I can't wait until my next visit!!!"

"Perfect Massage! I have many issues with my wrist, forearm, and neck because I am on the computer all day at work. Regular message with Elizabeth has made it possible to do my work without living In pain. Life-changing!"

"Elizabeth is a gifted body worker who has tremendous clinical skills and a great personality to match, I felt so much better after my first 2 massages that I knew I would become a regular client,,,I encourage all who née assistance with their daily aches and pains to try Elizabeth,skillful hands and peaceful spirit! I have had hundreds of massages and body work and Elizabeth is one of those with a special gift,,,treat yourself and feel better for it in body, mind and spirit!"

"For many years I have suffered from severe neck and back pain from spinal stenosis, nerve damage and L5 disk compression.  Elizabeth did a combination of Acupressure, Deep tissue, Ortho-bionomy and Swedish massage to release my pain. I feel fantastic after her treatment. I can feel the toxins leaving my body! Elizabeth is an amazing healer. Thank you Elizabeth!"

"I've been a masseuse for 25 years so I've experienced a lot of massage and your touch is extraordinary"

"You have a natural healing touch and intuitively know the perfect depth to relieve my tension and relax my entire body"

 "I had terrible back pain for many months and had a hard time standing and walking.  I even had intense pain lifting my 6 month old baby.  The doctor diagnosed me with a herniated disk and sciatica and setup an appointment to meet with a surgeon. After a two hour Swedish, deep tissue with Acupressure massage I have been pain free ever since (months later).  I have been camping and able to engage in summer recreational fun with ease.  Thank you Elizabeth for relieving my intense back pain which has enabled me to enjoy a wonderful summer with my newborn and wonderful wife!”

"My shoulder was painfully impinged for a month and I could not lift it above shoulder level or do pushups.  Elizabeth did a combination of Deep Tissue and Acupressure and immediately after I was back to my normal range of motion and could do push ups without pain.  Incredible!" 

"I was in the in the total relaxation state between sleep and awake and had many physical and energetic releases.  When she was massaging my neck I was seeing colors.   Elizabeth is an incredible healer."

"My massage was soooo relaxing today!  I was floating the whole time. Often it takes me 30 mins to get to that state.  Thank you!" 

"My 'Blahs' went away and once I came out of a floaty feeling of relaxation, I felt incredibly clear headed"

"I've never enjoyed getting my legs massaged until today"

"The rocking was my favorite part.  It felt like your body talking to my body and I was able to let go and completely relax"

"I released something I've been holding in my shoulder for 20 years.  It was emotional and physical but not painful.  Thank you so much!"

"In both shiatsu and swedish massage, I felt your loving presence.  I was able to bliss out and go to another realm"

"I feel my heart opened"



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Thank you!